March 01, 2008


As you can see, I was pretty bored this morning and so I added everyone's picture to "The Others." I know that some of you look pretty weird as characters but I only had a few pictures to work with. I hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

You are too cool! Drew looks like a goober, Preston looks like he has birth defects and my face is all funky--It's just too funny! YOu guys have to post more pictures. Breann do you here that I want to see more pictures of you guys, especially your updos and school stuff!:) Hey Micheal, next time can I be Clair?:)

Brooke said...

Michael... YOU ARE SO COOL!

But wait... why do I have to be Shannon? I'm just kidding, I don't care.

Seriously, this is awesome! Dad is hottie Sawyer. Mom looks hot in those sunglasses. Benson is the cutest ever.. of course! Peter is such a goober on Sayid's body. Drew is smartie John Locke. Preston is so cute with his mouth wide open... hey, why not put Blaire there with Preston. I shouldn't be complaining... I just love that you added us!

Brooke said...

Blaire, you're such a punk. One minute faster than me!

Hey, we both used the word goober!!!

Brooke said...

I just noticed Peter's "cousin/brother" is also in the picture... you're hilarious!

Carpx2 said...

WOW I wish I looked like Breann!!!
How did you get so great at this stuff?

Carpx2 said...

Michael: The picture is hilarious!