March 02, 2008

This is our cute dog Woofie and we love him. I love cosmetology. I seriously feel like I was born to do this. I feel like I'm pretty good at it too. Hopefully, I'll get to be a phase 2 student soon which is the Paul Mitchell honors program. I will also get to wear white. Right now I only get to wear black.

I loved my trip to Las Vegas. My camera died the first night so I have to wait to post the picture of my group with Winn Claybaugh. I went shopping and got all black clothes for school. Then John Paul Dejoria, Winn Claybaugh, and Robert Cromeans all talked to us in a Ballroom at the Mandalay Bay hotel. It was inspiring. At the toga party Winn Claybaugh gave me a hug when I told him how great his speech was. Anyway, I had a great time and I feel like I learned a lot. Not just about cosmetology but about life.


Anonymous said...

Oh... such a cute puppy! I love him!--Glad school is going well for you:)

Brooke said...

I need to meet the pup!

Carpx2 said...

I am very happy that you really are loving what you are doing. Isn't that a great feeing to combine a talent with a love for it?