April 25, 2008

Fondue For Two

Breann and I decided to have a little fondue party with just the two of us. We had filet mignon, chicken breast (Michael Scott - "I'll have the chicken breast, hold the chicken"), broccoli, and onions in a Teriyaki fondue mix that Breann created from scratch. We had a really fun time and the food tasted GREAT!


Carpx2 said...

How did you make it Teryaki style? Mom and I haven't had fondue for awhile.
Love, Dad

Brooke said...

Impressive... creating your own sauces!

Blaire said...

Good times! I love fondue, you two are so cute. We had a blast with you n Disneyland!

Drew Daddy-O said...

Dude, sweet! Sounds delicious! We had a blast with you guys @ Disneyland. Glad we could hang!