September 26, 2008

YouTube Video Contest

Ok, so I finally did it! I recently uploaded a video on YouTube for a contest called, "It's Cool to be a Paul Mitchell School Future Professional." If I do win, I get a free dinner with John Paul Dejoria and Winn Claybaugh, who are the owners of Paul Mitchell Systems. This is extremely important to me and could really help me progress in my career. The contest has nothing to do with quality of video. The voting starts now and ends October 18th at Midnight. The winner will be determined by the highest number of VIEWS and VOTES. If you want me to win, rate my video with 5 stars and get YOUR FRIENDS to view it to. In fact, forward this to EVERYONE you know too! Here's how to vote:

If you don't already have a YouTube account,

1) Go to

2) Create a FREE account (just so you can vote) - It's really EASY to sign up.

3) Immediately after clicking "Create My Account" you be sent to a page that says "Please Check Your Email." DON'T WORRY about checking your email. Just paste this into the address bar: (and hit enter to go there).

4) Watch the video.

5) VOTE.

THANK YOU very much for doing is. I really appreciate your help! Love you!



Carpx2 said...

O.K. Dad nad I will do it. Mom

Brooke said...

Already viewed and voted. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i'm on the paul mitchell train now!:)

Kayli said...

So have you won yet??? I hope all my ratings and views counted for something!