November 08, 2008


We were Darth Maul and the Emperor.

Michael did his own make-up...I'm so proud of him.


Brooke said...

Nice work on the make-up...both of yous!

Kayli said...

SCARY. But very good job!

Carpx2 said...

Freaky makeup. That's really scary you do that make up so well.
Sounds like you had a great time. We'll see you guys in a few days.
Love, Dad

Carpx2 said...

Man you guys look spooky. Is there any chance that you guys will be anything like Little Bo Peep and her little lost sheep? Tee Hee. Love you both always mom "C"

Anonymous said...

dude that is AWESOME! you guys look so freakin' cool!-love the make up!