January 29, 2009

State Board

I PASSED! I'm a LICENSED cosmetologist! I'm pro now. YAY!

John Paul Dejoria went and told my parents the big surprise.

Ok, so here it is. I am the first student in Paul Mitchell history to have ever graduated on the Dean's list. I was going to let my parents find out about it at graduation, but John Paul Dejoria called me to congratulate me and when I told them how I was going to surprise my parents he offered to call them and tell them for me. So I thought that would be a much cooler way to surprise them, instead of them finding out at graduation. So John Paul, thanks for telling my parents the "big surprise". Thanks Mom and Dad, for teaching me all the skills that you have so I could make this happen. I love you guys.

January 26, 2009

Breann's Website

Breann finally has a website up and running. Let us know what you think.


January 22, 2009

I finally got my pictures

A while back I went to a photo shoot that was hosted by Robert Cromeans, Takashi, DJ Muldoon, and Mary. They're kind of a big deal to us cosmetologists. Anyway here's how they turned out. What do you guys think? The biggest picture is my favorite. Oh yeah, and That hair style at the top took me less than 2 min. All of the sudden Robert was like..."do something different with her hair." It sounded like he was expecting to see somthing different instantly. So I used whatever hair clips I could find and just pinned up her hair as fast as I could. Luckly, it seemed like he liked it. This is my model Adina, and she was a good sport. She was just beginning school at the time.

January 16, 2009

I Graduated!!!

On January 28th if I pass my state board exam I'm a licensed professional. Yea!!! On February 13th I have my graduation ceremony and I've got a big surprise for everyone. If you can't make to my graduation it's ok. You'll just have to wait to find out what my big surprise is. Anyway, I would like to thank everyone in my family for being so supportive through out this whole thing, weather you let me do your hair however I wanted, gave me words of encouragement, or you helped to develop a good work ethic, thank you all so much. I love you all.

I entered NAHA

NAHA stands for North American Hairdressers Awards. It's and editorial photo competition. Blaire maybe you could give me some feedback on the pictures. What do all you guys think? Oh yeah and a big thanks to Michael for being my Male Model, who is really really really ridiculously good looking.

I did a cool updo on Kayli this christmas

I also did her make-up. What do you think.

The Joker

I'm on the right. My friend Sonia on the Left. This was for the Caper Kickoff.
Caper is a huge event in Las Vegas where you get to here John Paul Dejoria, Winn Claybaugh (my mentor), and Robert Cromeans speak. I went last year, and this year I helped with the kick off. It was fun.