January 22, 2009

I finally got my pictures

A while back I went to a photo shoot that was hosted by Robert Cromeans, Takashi, DJ Muldoon, and Mary. They're kind of a big deal to us cosmetologists. Anyway here's how they turned out. What do you guys think? The biggest picture is my favorite. Oh yeah, and That hair style at the top took me less than 2 min. All of the sudden Robert was like..."do something different with her hair." It sounded like he was expecting to see somthing different instantly. So I used whatever hair clips I could find and just pinned up her hair as fast as I could. Luckly, it seemed like he liked it. This is my model Adina, and she was a good sport. She was just beginning school at the time.


Brooke said...

Amazing. How do you do what you do and so quickly? I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

breann, you're such an artist...when are you coming home to do my hair. i got my bangs cut, so you'll have to check out my blog to see what you think of them. i wanted you to cut them, but you're not here. i miss you. when are you comming home to visit, seriously?