February 25, 2009

Graduation Ceremony

These are pictures from my graduation ceremony. Meet the VIP's.
Kim my friend.

Kristen my Learning Leader Advisor. She helped me complete everything on the Dean's List.

Joyce the Co-Director of the San Diego Paul Mitchell.

My friend Shani.

My Theory Learning Leader(LL)/teacher Joni.

Note: the back of the models hair.

Mom and Dad.


Joyce again.

Husband and I.

It was a fun night.

My Model for Graduation

Her name is Amber and she's the bomb. For my graduation ceremony we had to prepare a model for a fashion show. I got a photographer named Jon Tiffin to document my work for me since I can't take pictures as nicely. The top picture is my favorite. You can see more on my Myspace page
on my website. BreannJohnson.com.
Thanks mom for the outfit. You did an AMAZING job!
Tell what you all think of it or let me know if you have any ideas for me.

February 06, 2009

New Website for School

I just got done creating a website completely done in Adobe Flash. I did the website for a band named Just Surrender. They're a rock band and don't have a website so I thought I'd make one for them. (I didn't actually make it FOR them. I just made one ABOUT them. Sorry for the confusion). Here's the link: Just Surrender Rock and here are a couple of screen shots: