May 13, 2009

Photo Shoot

Ok, so I did another photo shoot. The theme was Rainbow or Elements (each one of them represents a different color or element.) She said to go crazy, so I did. What do we think?
Also someone else did the makeup. I did the hair.

May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

My mom has always taught me to be a strong person with many intellectual capacities. She taught me how to work hard for what I want to achieve in life. I have learned my valuable lessons in life from her. Overall you could say my mom did a good job raising me. My mom has successfully raised me to be a good person in all of the areas except for the following: I still fill up on candy before dinner leaving me unable to finish my meal.

I still shovel my food into my mouth directly from the plate.

And I rarely floss my teeth.

Do you still love me Ma ma? Happy Mother's Day.

May 05, 2009

Twilight with Cheesburgers

I thought you Twilight fans might get a kick out of this....I did.
Twilight with Cheeseburgers