January 30, 2010

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Friday morning Breann was awoken to the sound of a police officer pounding on our front door. Apparently, someone had broken into her car and stolen everything from inside, including a $3 bottle of lotion. The culprit has yet to be found but in case you were wondering what the car looks like right now, you can take a look at a few of the images shot at the scene of the crime:

Now, you're probably thinking, "Why didn't they steal the entire car if they had the guts to steal her lotion??" Well, they were too busy stealing someone else's car and breaking into 2 other vehicles. Apparently, due to the fact that there aren't many available jobs now, people have resorted to stealing possessions that retail at nearly $3:

Well, the way I look at it is this...our car wasn't stolen and neither one of us were hurt (except me - Michael - I was emotionally damaged when I found out that not only did they take the lotion, but they also took our brand-spanking-new bag of unopened Costco trailmix!) The nerve! But we're fine now. It's just a matter of time before this happens again, and when it does...we'll be ready. Our car will be equiped just like the one below:

Now, actually, I don't think we'll go to extremes (such as above) but we are thinking of getting a car alarm. But all is well. We're still as much in love as we were when we got married, if not, more. Thanks for listening, I mean, reading.



Kayli said...

They took the trail mix!!?! How rude!!! (But I don't blame them.) Is your insurance covering everything that was stolen? I'm sorry this happened, but I'm glad you two are doing well despite the break-in!

P.S. Thanks for blogging a story! I always enjoy a good read.

Em and Matt said...

That sucks! Sorry about your car. At least they didn't steal the car, or you were hurt in the process!

Carpx2 said...

You guys are totally cool. This is all stuff can can be replaced and you two are the most important stuff!!!!That cant be replaced, So you will deal with it. I do think you should get a kick A I mean butt car alarm!!! Mom C

Carpx2 said...

The first thing I said about those criminals when Mom told me was:
"those dirty bastards"
Sorry for the fowl language, but criminals have no sympathy from me.
I'm glad you guys are OK.
What I would have preferred happening is some car owner coming into the apartment parking area, pulling out his 9 mm Baretta handgun, pointing it at the criminals, commanding them to drop to the ground while he called the police, and if they didn't, shoot the scum suckers. Am I wrong here? I mean, I'd prefer dead criminals than multiple car thefts. And you know they're not going to stop. They'll keep stealing. Is that so bad that they be terminated if they don't surrender when confronted by a law abiding citizen with a concealed weapons permit?
Love, Dad

Carpx2 said...

Boy your dad just tells it like it is!!!! Mom

Brooke said...

Wow, are those my parents? Those are quite the comments... I don't think I want my kids reading those comments~

Well, that stinks. Car insurance companies also stink... good luck.

PS Get a car alarm:)

blaire said...

LOL!!! i'm shaking, please stop...LOL!