February 12, 2010

Our poor dog

About 2 Sundays ago our dog fell off a chair onto his leg and he was yipping pretty badly. We thought his leg was broken, luckily it wasn't, but his leg was in a lot of pain. So the Doc. put him on pain meds and an anti-inflammatory. This is what our poor baby ended up looking like when we got home.

He NEVER lets his mouth hang open! He was pretty out of it.

February 04, 2010


I did some experimental cooking today. If it turns out good, I tell you what I did. It's really pretty, and it smells good, so those are good signs right?

February 01, 2010

Car Burglary

Ok, that's actually Michael's version of the story. I would like to clarify that none of us were hurt. Also, Michael has not mentioned that they broke in to 2 cars (including mine), and they stole 1. I was so sad when I added up the damage, cause those suckers banked from my car. The jerks got about $1,500 worth of stuff from my car and the damage that they caused to my car is going to cost about $950. But they were nice enough to leave my insurance papers (which doesn't cover it), some rubber bands, and some napkins....probably for the tears. So Dad, I'm with you. I would rather have dead criminals than this crap. Too bad I'm only packen pepper spray for now. Who knows, I might have to upgrade. I could go back to Hai Dong Gum Do (Korean Sword Martial Arts) and obtain a real sharp sword, I could buy a squirt gun and spray paint it black and carry it in my purse, so criminals think I have a real gun. How much fun would that be? To have the bad guys think I have a real gun and then call the police, and then when they have the criminals in hand cuffs, show them that it was a fake gun. Then be like "NA NA NA NA NA NA!" Oh Boy, the possibilities. Maybe I could even take a couple of real gun classes.....Whoa, that could be scary, but I also wouldn't mind knowing how to handle a gun.

Side Notes about investigation: Is it odd that I happened to be wide awake from 3am-6am, and the burglary started from 3am-about 4am? Is it also strange that the car that was stolen was the wife of the only other person that had his car broken into besides my car? Is it not also strange that one must have a garage clicker in order to get in or out of the gated garage? What about the fact that the manager is hesitant to help us in some way in regards to the incident, but Catherine is totally helpful? Hmmm... maybe I should start my own investigation... MUAH HA HA HA!!!!

(Don't worry, the police have picked up on all of this information)

By the way, I'm not going insame.