February 12, 2010

Our poor dog

About 2 Sundays ago our dog fell off a chair onto his leg and he was yipping pretty badly. We thought his leg was broken, luckily it wasn't, but his leg was in a lot of pain. So the Doc. put him on pain meds and an anti-inflammatory. This is what our poor baby ended up looking like when we got home.

He NEVER lets his mouth hang open! He was pretty out of it.


Brooke said...

Poor little guy, but has he started to put some weight on it yet? How long did they say that he would be on the meds? Mom

blaire said...

poor woofie:(

The Johnson's said...

He's already off the meds. He actually has put on a little weight. 2 lbs. He's getting better starting to walk occasionally on his right foot again.