June 21, 2010


I got a letter in the mail today from USC and I wanted to let everyone know that I did not get it. I'm really glad that I tried though. Thank you everyone who helped or supported me in this in any way.


Carpx2 said...

Breann we are also glad that you tried, but also remember that often times you have to try many times if it is something you really want. Love you always Mom

Carpx2 said...

Sorry you didn't get in.
What was the name of that other school that you got into?
Love, Dad

The Johnson's said...

Argosy. It was like an hour drive without traffic and add on another hour with traffic, which there would be traffic considering the fact I'd be driving directly through Los Angeles to get there. The only classes they have available are at night. 5pm to late.

Brooke said...

Bummer. Try another local school, yeah?