June 13, 2010

Universal Studios - 房子的恐怖

This will be a story told at Halloween for generations to come. What you're about to hear may not be suitable for children under the age of 1.

Yesterday, Breann and I decided we would spend a few hours at Universal Studios for our weekend date. Our date was going great like usual. We were happy, healthy, and having a great time. As we walked into the park, I felt something was off. After a few minutes of trying to figure out what was off, we decided to get into line at the House of Horror. At first I thought this attraction was going to consist of looking at costumes, masks, crazy horrific props used on film, and such, but to my surprise this was going to be an interactive sport.

As we were standing in line, two Asian ladies kept bumping into us. On a side note, if you've ever stood in line and had this happen to you, you'll know how annoying this typically is, but for me, I would have rather had them bumping into me for another 10 minutes than what was about to happen.

At the start of our "house of horror maze/spook alley," my eyes were initially drawn to the creepiness of the fully-decorated haunted trail. The walls were covered with thick spider webs. The floor was dark and dirty. A feeling of evil overcame me. Then it happened. The moment my freedom to choose...all came to an end; as if the constitution had been burned right before my eyes. Remember the two Asian ladies from behind us in the line?

"...and then all of a sudden, from out of the darkness, came 4, old, wet, dead hands which grasped my shirt in complete distress." The ladies, who had been "crowding us" in the line, were now FULL-ON holding to the back of my shirt for DEAR LIFE! They were trembling in fright as we moved through the "MAYBE BE TOO SCARY FOR CHILDREN UNDER 13" labyrinth. I was getting very annoyed with this. With every step we took, they took 2 more, squeezing me tighter and tighter. If I were a zit, I would have popped after the first squeeze. This was going on WAY longer than I thought it should have, so I quickly devised a plan.

The maze cleared open into a "viewing area" where the crowd could stand a little taller again and compose themselves from the "very scary" maze. With the two ladies still clenched to my shirt, Breann and I decided we would "pretend" to take a breather in this "intermission." The ladies let go of my shirt and decided to do the same. Not more than 5 seconds after THEY were amused with the "NOT SCARY ANYMORE" scenery, Breann and I sneaked past them and continued on the rest of the maze. At that moment I realized I was not going to let them hold me back anymore (no pun intended).

We finished the maze and never saw the ladies again...but that day will forever haunt me.


Kayli said...

Hahahaha. This had me captivated the whole time; very well written! I'm sorry the Asian ladies were annoying...I know how they can be. And I was happy to see a long post for a change! Thanks for the read!

Alexa, Ashley and Matthew said...

Matthew and I were laughing like crazy! Sorry that happened to you.

Carpx2 said...

Dude, I thought they were going to be part of the Haunted House. Sounds like a great adventure. Maybe you should go to Disneyland instead.

Carpx2 said...

I don't know if this is going through but it was splendid. For a moment I thought that you were going to knock them out! But alas my gentle son-in-law thinks instead of being a brut. Good job. Mom "C" P.S. Why can't I see my comments?

Brooke said...

I'd be one of those crazy ladies!

The Johnson's said...

Because we have to approve of the comments first.