December 21, 2010

Burbank Mall Incident

Based on a True Story

Last night, Breann and I were at the mall to do a little Christmas shopping. As we walked through Macy's - to get the the main part of the mall - we both noticed a small, chubby boy (I won't mention his race) who had one of those cologne papers in his hand (the ones you spray the cologne on). We watched him as he wafted the paper, smelled the sweet cologne, then let the paper slide from his chubby little fingers and fall to the floor.

Now, this is the part that bothered both of us.

He was about to pick it up but realized that if he did, he wouldn't be as "cool" as he thought he was, so, bent over with only a few inches to go, he decided to raise back up and pretend he didn't drop anything. As Breann and I walked by him, I gathered up the "authority," turned around and let these 5 words slip from my mouth, "Uh, you dropped your paper" all while pointing to the fallen piece. He, I'm sure, felt extremely embarrassed and hopefully will pick up his trash in the future.

Long story short, if you drop some trash on the ground, be respectful and pick it up (mainly because you never know who's watching and is ready to embarrass you). :)


Carpx2 said...

Way to go Johnson's.. Love ya Mom and Dad.

Kayli said...

Hahahaha. I think my favorite part about this is the fact that you wrote about it. My second favorite part is the fact that you purposely kept his race a secret.

Brooke said...

Yep, totally one of my pet-peevs... littering. It's just no good. Good for you, saying something. And even more props for being tactful. I would have probably said something not so tactful... like... no, I just won't go there and tell you what I was thinking... it's not apporopriate. Anyway, way to stick up for not littering!

blaire said...

wow, nice work. remind me not to liter in front of you:)