February 09, 2011

The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Update

So, Sally got a hold of one of the casting directors there at Debra Zane casting and told me to e-mail them my demo reel, and I did the long one because it's more suited for the role. The Lady said that they had JUST begun sorting through the submissions so I'm not behind the game at all, but I just need someone to pitch me to them really well, so I can for sure get an audition. The photos on the previous post I'd say are more than sufficient to prove that I have the look. My demo reel shows that I can act, I've customized my resume for the role, and I'm going to have Dawn (a manager) call to attempt to pitch me too. I'm out of ideas that I could do to get me an audition. Do you guys have any other ideas? I'll do just about anything.


Carpx2 said...

Hopefully not just anything. What if you had to eat a horse? Now that would be grouse!! Good Luck and be happy Love mom.

The Johnson's said...

I know, hence I said the just about. I'm just saying I'm open-minded to any ideas because I want this role.