May 04, 2011

Breann Johnson IS Clove from The Hunger Games

So...the other day I found this fan-based website about Breann and how she should be Clove from The Hunger Games. Here's a link: The Hunger Games - Fan Site. Below is a screenshot from the website. We're hoping that because the role for Clove hasn't been cast yet, that this site will attract an audience and much larger fan base for Breann. We'll see.



blaire said...

i love it! and i checked out your revised demo real too and i really really love it! i think you're really talented and wouls make an awesome clove!:)

Carpx2 said...

You're demo reel on the Clove entry is really good.
Good luck!
Love, Dad and Mom

Kayli said...

Wait, I'm confused. So did you make that site or no? That'd be awesome if she got it!