May 20, 2011

Hunger Games - Johanna Mason

Ok, so they cast Clove already which I'm cool with only because it was the girl who played Orphan. Any girl who can creep me out that much just from a preview deserves this role. On the other hand, I would make a better Johanna Mason anyway. I like her better too. I guess I just really wanted to be in the first film, but I'll settle for the next two that come out instead. View my website on the news feed page for the full shabang if you're not educated on the book or characters yet to learn more. For those of you that are sufficiently educated, what do you think of me being Johanna Mason from the Hunger Games?


Carpx2 said...

You would be able to take on any of the roles in this series. Mom

blaire said...

ummmmmm, let me think! uh, heck yeah!!!