June 27, 2011


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June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Brooke!

We hope you had a wonderful birthday today!

June 09, 2011

Happy Birthday to two very awesome people in our lives!

And the award goes to:

Sydney Elton and Matthew Johnson!

Happy Birthday we love you!

Vita Mix is da Bomb!

Let me tell you what I ate yesterday. This is based on the China Study which means you eat mostly plant based foods. Here it goes:

Raisins in oatmeal, 12 baby carrots, 2 oranges, 1 bananas, plus ice. That was breakfast and part of lunch. Tortilla soup was the other part of lunch:

A small portion in all of these as a tortilla soup recipe:
1 carrot (a regular carrot, not a baby carrot)
1 stalk of celery
1 small wedge of green cabbage
A slice of Red Pepper (don’t forget the seeds!)
1/2 inch slice each of zucchini and yellow squash
3-4 Large Roma Tomatoes (a much better flavored tomato is the Campari – 6-8 small or 4-5 large ones)
Cilantro to taste (I use the leaves off of 2 stems in a show)
A medium clove of garlic
2-3 shakes of “Blend-It-Up Spice Mix” (coupon code 15244 at BlendItUp.com gets you a 20% discount)
A Bullion Cube from a health food store that is MSG – free
A 1 inch cube cheese (Monterey Jack or Cheddar are good)
Small wedge of lemon
1-2 dates
A pinch of sun dried tomatoes

Then some black beans, corn, and a small amount of chicken.

Then I had this drink by the vita mix lady: This lady had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome cured herself by changing her diet.

Here's the recipe which I had HALF of for dinner with Michael:

1-2 Cups of Green Grapes
1/4 of a large Pineapple or 1/3 of a small Pineapple
One whole large Banana
Half of an Apple
2 big hand fulls of Spinach (at a show I add a touch of Kale and Parsley too)
2 cups of Ice

We added a slice of zucchini and yellow squash for fun and you can't taste it, because it's one of the Magic 5 Veggies! Check it out! WHAT?!?

Then our avocados were close to going bad so we made guacamole. Inside we put, 2 avocados, 1 tomato, cilantro again! (This stuff is so good for you!). Garlic salt to taste. I ate a little more than half of this with Michael with a few tortilla chips. Super yummy! That was my dinner and I was full.

Ok so, Here's my point:

DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A LOT OF FOOD?!?!? It seems like a lot but when I blend it up in my vita mix I'm eating nothing but raw natural foods that are so good for me. It doesn't feel like a lot of food. I feel like I have more energy and my skin is a little softer than normal. Good Benefits!!! Everything except for the oatmeal I made in my vita mix! Also, Back to the China Study, these are all plant based foods except for blend it up mix, bullion cube, cheese, and chicken. These total around less than 5% of my intake for the day.

Here's my point super shortened:

Vita Mix is da Bomb!

To read more about the wonderful benefits these foods have to offer you please browse the Rebecca Wood website. You can find on the "About" page that this woman obtained cancer, then cured her cancer by CHANGES IN HER DIET! So much for incurable. Some have said incurable means curable from within and I side with them. Thanks for reading! Be healthy!