September 23, 2011

Q&A with Breann

I know you all have been DYING to get an interview with me and how I eat and how I'm so famous. So I decided I'll be generous and give you the food part. ha ha.

Breann, What vegetables taste good in my smoothie?

Spinach, zucchini, yellow squash, carrots. These are the least detectable vegetables you can put in your smoothies. I recommend starting off with 1 vegetable at a time a small amount in your smoothie. Then slowly build up your tolerance level to more veggies to fruit in your drink.

What should I use to sweeten my smoothie if I'm not used to the vegetables yet?

Don't ever use sugar in your smoothies again! No longer are we oppressed by such bad foods of the devil! Behold, we have discovered natural sweeteners! Here's what they are: Agave! (You can get organic at Costco, a couple Tbs and you're good to go. This is my favorite), Dates! (A couple of these do the trick.) These are great options for those getting started!

Why frozen pineapple and how do you prepare it?

Michael and I probably have 4 frozen cut up pineapples in our freezer. Here's how we cut it after we've cut the skin and head off. (That sounds gruesome, ha ha) Put pineapple on it's side and cut into 4 even slices (If it's a small pineapple 3 slices), then cut each slice into 6 pieces. Michael likes to cut the slice in 1/2 then two perpendicular, but you can do it anyway you want. Frozen pineapple is a great way to get started! It requires no ice! It tastes great in nearly everything I've tried, especially if you're looking for a little zing, or something interesting in your smoothie! Go crazy!

Why frozen bananas? Is it easy to prepare?

Michael and I usually buy 2-4 banana bunches at Costco and freeze them. They break apart really easily when frozen, so don't worry about cutting them down to a certain size, you can just break what you want. If you're trying to go healthy and you have a blender (I recommend the Vita-mix. It's simply the best!) I HIGHLY recommend buying lots of bananas and freezing them. They are great is so many different smoothie recipes and it's a great replacement for yogurt. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT EVER put yogurt in your smoothies ever again. Especially because yogurt isn't that sweet and it has a tricky flavor to work with anyway. Bananas are a reliable, creamy, and sweet flavor. You'd really be doing your-self a favor if you add a banana because it's creamy and healthier. Also, you don't have to water down your delicious smoothie with ice! Just use frozen fruit!

Thanks for humoring me! ha ha.


The Johnson's said...

Thank you for answering so many of my most recently unanswered questions!

Wow, you should be even "more famous-er" than you are right now.

I must admit, with this diet, I not only feel great.

haha, you like how I ended the last sentence?

blaire said...

okay in all seriousness (which is really hard for me) i LOVE all this food stuff you've been posting. i really want to start eating healthier, especially for my kids. i've totally fallen into trap of crappy kids foods just because it's easy., but these smoothies are something they would probably eat.

keep post healthy yummy food!!! especially if you think it's something a kid would eat :)

i can't wait to make your hash browns!