October 19, 2011

Hale Kids (Caden and Kylie)

Lately every Tuesday I've been picking up the Hale kids (Caden-10 and Kylie-7) from school at 2pm and keep them until about 6:30pm. They're really fun, I'm beginning to think to myself the older the kids get the more I tend to like them. We went home finished and double checked homework, then we went over to play and Megans and Morgans house. (My neighbors that are also Cadens and Kylies friends at school.) There's we got to meet a turtle and they played with that for a while. That was fun to watch them.

I was told that Kylie likes to bake so I told the kids we could make brownies. So we walked to Vons (like a block) and saw some fun stuff along the way, got the eggs (the only animal thing in brownies), then walked home the back way. The back of our buildings look nearly identical. When we first moved in I would count building so I knew which one was mine. Anyway, Caden said something really cute. I asked them if they wanted to guess which one ours was. Kylie guess and Caden said "The correct one." Ha ha.

Sometimes we stop by their house to pick up swimming gear and we saw a squirrel. Kylie said, "That's Frankie, I just named him just now."

Their so funny. Then we came home made the brownies together and baked them, while we watched Kung Fu Panda. Their like little buddies I get to hang out with. Ha ha.

P.S. Kylie wants to be Hanna Montana for Halloween and Caden wants to be his own Dragonball Z character.

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