October 03, 2011

I want to eat healthy, How do I get started?

By popular demand from friends and family. This is the most common question I get.

1) I think the most important part of getting started is to HAVE FUN WITH IT! That's right, have fun discovering the new food possibilities. If you screw up a smoothie, so what? It's not a big deal and you've learned something from it. Use small portions when experimenting. Try 3 or 4 different fruits at a time, not 20. Keep it simple and easy on yourself. This can be a fun experience, not a pain. So have fun with it. Pull out that old dusty blender you've been meaning to use, try that fruit or vegetable you've been thinking about. You might find something new that you like! Learn to love new healthy foods. Eating healthy doesn't have to taste bad, if you know what to make. How do you know what to make? LEARN what to make. Michael and I have had a lot of fun looking up new recipes and trying them to see what we like. So allow yourself to enjoy this process.

2) Read The China Study. This will reshape and motivate you more than anything else. Educating yourself on the health benefits is one of the most important parts in my opinion. You need an important reason to make the change.

3) Allow yourself a splurge meal. You don't have to convert to complete vegan all at once, or even vegetarian. When we were getting started we allowed ourselves 1 splurge meal a week. If that's too quick for you, then allow your self two or three a week, but start somewhere. Wherever is reasonable for you, but cut out more of the bad meals and replace a few of them with the good ones.

4) Start leaving your blender on the kitchen counter. If you're worried about children, keep it unplugged. This will remind you to used it more often. Don't starve yourself or miss meals, this is the wrong way to loose weight. Eat healthy meals which include a lot of fruit. Blend it up. Have fun!

5) Be willing to build your tolerance and to train your mind to like healthy foods. Being healthy is a lifestyle change, not a diet. Don't overwhelm yourself by putting too many veggies in at first w/o building your tolerance. Sometimes things don't taste really good at first but you can train yourself to get used to it if you start small with the veggies and work your way up. Use the natural sweeteners and the 4 suggested veggies in my previous blog to help with this. Just because I said eating healthy doesn't have to taste bad, doesn't mean that every meal will be just peaches (which is delicious too). ha ha.

6) When you're ready, invest in a Vita Mix and a Breville Juice Fountain Plus. The answer is NO, they do NOT do the same thing. If you want fresh orange, grape, carrot, or apple juice, it is NOT the same in a vitamix. If you want a smoothie, the juicer is the wrong machine to use. I say get both. Michael and I use them BOTH, on average, once a day, which adds up to a lot of healthy meals. That's right, meals, sometimes I'll juice my meal and just drink a bunch of apple juice. Delicious!

7) Got to Costco and buy all the fruits and veggies you like to eat in bulk. Then you eat them. Eat as many fruits you want raw. This requires far less prep time and zero cook time. Don't burden yourself with cooking. That's right, just slice, dice, and serve. The kids will eat it. Michael and I buy 3 LARGE watermelons when we got to Costco and we eat it all. Sometimes we'll cut up nothing but watermelon and eat that for dinner. Sometimes I like to eat 2 big mangoes cut up plain. Yummy!

Anyway, This is how I got started. I'm about 95% vegan. (With the exception of Hawaii.) I've been doing this for about 3 or 4 months now. When I'm on this diet, I don't get migraines, headaches, or nausea, all of which I used to have before. I tire less quickly and feel like exercising more! I have less emotional anxiety than I used to...Basically, I'm all around happier when I eat this way.

WARNING: For those who plan to make the change quickly.

After Michael and I read the China Study we decided to make the change quickly for the sake of our health. If you decide to do this, it's like ripping off the band aid instead of peeling it. When you change to this diet your body WILL detox and heal it's self. This process lasts about 3-4 days which is the hard part, but then you feel so much better. If you do it slowly the symptoms are less prominent to undetectable, this might be the best approach for you.

*Michael's Extras:
If you're really interested in getting started, you can purchase the exact same products we've used (and still use) to help expedite your healthy-body transformation!

I recommend you buy the following:
The China Study
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After reading The China Study, we bought these items and have never looked back!


blaire said...

wow. i got to go buy the book now.

so what kind of exercising do you do with your healthy eating?

also when you put carrots or hard veggies in your vita mix do you steam them first? if not, don't they give the smoothie a weird grainy texture?

The Johnson's said...

Seriously, Go buy the book! It will change your thinking about food and health FOREVER! Exercise: Michael and I jog, sometimes we swim too. Grainy? With all my smoothies unless otherwise specified, blend them for 2 min. on high in the vitamix, then it's much more smooth. ;) If you do decide to buy it, please use the link from our blog to do it because Michael is an affiliate and gets a percentage of it. Thanks!

The Johnson's said...

It's the same price for you getting it new elsewhere, so we'd love the favor if you do decide to get it! Thanks Blaire. xoxo!