October 13, 2011

Passionate Purple

I only say that because I'm so in love with this drink right now.

2 cups red grapes or table grapes
1 fuji apple
1 frozen banana
4 chunks frozen pineapple (about 1/8 of a large pineapple)
1/2 cup of frozen blueberries
Agave (Optional)

Place in blender in order, blend on high for 2 min. with vita mix and sever immediately.

Yummy! Enjoy, makes about 24 oz.


Big O said...

so can you still east bread and rice and stuff, or is it only food that goes in a smoothie? if, so what kind do you eat?

The Johnson's said...

Excellent question! On occasion I will still have bread and rice. We get the organic bread from Costco, it's quite delicious. When we do eat rice, which is rare for us (once a week?), we try to make it brown because it's healthier. If we're on a time crunch we'll do the white. The reason why I blog all about smoothies is because those are the hardest to get down. Bread, rice, and chopped up fruit are easy to do, but smoothie making can be difficult when you're first experimenting to make them tasty consistently. I blog all my good experiments to help people who are trying to get started so they know they're going to get something that tastes good, and healthy. I've found it's easier to stay motivated when you know what to make, rather than guessing everyday (Between Michael and I we use our vita mix at least 2 times a day!). I don't get tired of this diet because everything I eat tastes so good! So this is my way of trying to make it easier for people to get started so they don't have to go through the experimenting part, they can just skip to the smoothies/meals (There are a couple of meals on my blog that aren't smoothies, that were tasty experiments that I still eat frequently) that sound good to them!