November 17, 2011

Table Read

This Saturday I have a VERY important table read for what I believe is a strong-supporting role in a multi-million dollar film. They're still looking for name value. Name value = better distribution, better distribution = I become more of a name value if I'm in the film. This is how I've heard the pros do it. They don't audition, they table read. A lovely woman in the business named Dawn Krantz called me and invited me to this. She said there's no guarantee but that it's a great opportunity for actors like me. She's one of the producers who is very excited about the project Red Wing and I think she's very interested in my success. This could potentially be another really big boost to build up my career. So if you could please pray for me to do very well at this table read that would really mean a lot to me. Thank you guys for supporting me.

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